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The Healthy Treat!

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The 100% natural way to ‘treat’ your Horse or pony!

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62320 0.55 lbs Tub $ 5.70
62200 1.1 lbs Bag $ 9.77
62202 1.1 lbs Bag X 2 $ 17.66
62102 4.4 lbs Bag $ 31.50
62108 4.4 lbs Bag X 2 $ 58.20
62110 4.4 lbs Bag X 3 $ 85.50
62112 4.4 lbs Bag X 5 $ 132.00
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The 100% natural way to treat your animals

Our tasty Herballs are completely free from molasses, any added sugars and artificial flavourings. This makes them suitable and safe to give to easy keepers, Cushing's Insulin Resistant, Laminitic/Founder, or IMS horses and ponies.

Watch our Physio/Stretching Demonstration Video.

But don't just take our word for it, see what our customers say about them and look at the great reviews!

"I got these as a free sample once and my horses loved them! I didn't feel guilty about giving these to them either since they're so good for them."

"ALL the horses in the barn LOVE these. If I have them in my pocket they are all nickering as I walk by! They are easily carried in pockets as treats. You get a lot of them for the money. They don't crumble or fall apart as some treats do."

"These treats have quickly climbed to the top of the list for favourite treats! I have not seen my horse so enthusiastic about a treat in a long time. AND, the great part about these is that I can actually feel good about giving them to him."

Remember it's not just horses and ponies that love Herballs, our customers use them to spoil their dogs, llamas and even chinchillas.


  • Garlic
  • Mint herb
  • Oregano herb
  • Rosemary herb
  • Alfalfa
  • Linseed
  • Wheat Flour
  • As a treat to reward good behaviour or to use for helping with stretching exercises
  • Great for horses and ponies that are difficult to catch or load
  • Suitable for Easy Keepers and horses prone to Founder, IR or EMS

The amazing aroma of these floated right through the box upon arrival... what a delight! My 2 horses LOVE these treats. And they really DO smell so delicious that I'm often tempted myself. :) Thank you Hilton Herbs for these healthy, delicious, nutritious, and perfectly packaged, perfectly sized little treats! You have customers in us for LIFE!

- Delanie Wright, 09/09/2021

I love Hilton Herbals! Or rather, I love that my horses love them. I do a lot of Positive Reinforcement training and it's nice to have something I can give lots of that they like and I don't have to worry about overfeeding sweet stuff. Thank you for making them Hilton Herbs!

- Tina Ossorgin, 01/06/2020

My pony is the ultimate good-doer so I've always been very mean and restricted treats! I was so pleased to find these Herballs; my pony loves them, I can give him a nice treat reward that isn't full of sugar, and the eco-friendly packaging is an extra bonus. I feed these by hand and also in a treat ball.

- Frances, 24/04/2020

For me, positive reenforcement is a priority of training and teaching alike. One way I give such rewards to my horses after a good work session is though treats. Additionally, I use my treats to help keep my horses limber as well. After learning the The Masterson Method, my use of treats for stretching further solidified. So, imagine my delight when I received these Hilton Herbs treats with an explanation of a number of treat stretches! I usually use 2 treats and 3-6 stretches after every work session.

- Invictus Horsemanship, 10/03/2020

I love this treats as they are not full of junk! More importantly my horses love them too! They are probably the only treat that my 'dentally challenged' 30 year old can manage now. He can be fussy too but will mug you for these. They smell delicious.

- Louise Hickman, 24/02/2020

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