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Digestive, Food & Dietary Supplements For Horses

Horses and ponies developed as trickle grazers whilst freely moving across the land, but today their digestive balance can easily be upset by factors such as:

  • stress
  • travel or competition
  • cereal-rich food
  • wormers
  • changes in environment such as limited winter turnout, spring grass or new pasture 

In our Digestion Section, you will find a range of pure herbal supplements in dry or fast-acting liquid form to help you restore their digestive balance and maintain normal function including liver and kidney support, nutrient absorption, and pH balance.

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Milk Thistle Plus

Supports Liver & Kidney Health & Function
Prices from: $ 60.42

Milk Thistle Plus Gold

To Support Normal Liver & Kidney Health & Function
Milk Thistle Plus Gold - 1.05pt Bottle
Prices from: $ 66.16

Digest Support

Digestive Tract Health & pH Balance
Digest Support - Front - Bag
Prices from: $ 86.32


Supports Normal Metabolic Function
Insu-Lite - Front Bag
Prices from: $ 83.16

Hilton Herbs Equine Weigh-tape

A quick and easy way to know your horse or pony's weight
Prices from: $ 9.50

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