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Supports Normal Metabolic Function

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To Support Normal Metabolic Function in Equines

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INSULITE - For Equines

Formulated to support: 

Normal, Healthy Metabolic Function

Simple Sugar & Glucose Metabolism

Normal Insulin Levels

Ideal for " Easy Keepers"

Recommended for Equines requiring a low sugar or starch diet

  • Product Facts: 

Active Ingredients per 50 ml scoop (provided)

A Proprietary Formula containing: 

  • Psyllium Husks
  • Artichoke leaves
  • Fenugreek seed
  • Garlic bulb
  • Kelp Thallus
  • Mint Herb
  • Ginger Root

Inactive Ingredients: Nil

Active Ingredients & Inactive Ingredients: = 100% of the product ingredients. 

  • Directions for Use: 


  • We recommend introducing the product gradually over a period of 5 - 7 days. If possible divide the recommended daily quantity between 2 administrations.  

    • A 50ml scoop is included in the bag and full instructions can be found on the side panel of the bag.  
    • Please allow 4 weeks for benefits to be seen.
    • Horses & ponies are individuals, so often a lower maintenance amount will be sufficient for long-term use. 
    • If you have any concerns about your animal's health please contact your Veterinarian immediately. 
    • Safe use in pregnant animals, or animals intended for breeding has not been proven.
    • If you have any queries about using this product, please contact our Helpline (Toll-free) 1 855 261 1289 or email:  
  • Globe Artichokes are traditionally served as an appetiser or hors d'oeuvre, this is because they encourage the production of digestive juices, which help prepare the stomach for the meal to come!

These testimonials are for informational purposes only. The information is not a substitute for expert veterinary care. Testimonials are written by actual customers and represent their own observations. They are not edited. These observations are not guaranteed, are not medically substantiated, and may not be typical for other animals.

I have had great success regulating my horse's metabolic syndrome on this product. 

Recently, my horse's insulin levels have been through the roof, even with all of the prescription meds he's been on. We do everything for him to limit sugar, including no fancy treats, tested and soaked hay, dry lot etc etc. Having him on Insu-Lite is the one factor that changed in the last year. 

We tested him a few months after taking him off Insu-Lite, his insulin jumped from around 50 to over 2000. I couldn't believe the jump. There may be other factors at play as well, but it does speak volumes to the efficacy of this product as well. 

I'm so relieved to be able to purchase this product again.

- Jennifer, 16/02/2023

I am writing a second review because it is two months since I started my cobs on Insu-Lite and there is now a marked difference in both of them.   They are slimmer and very shiny indeed.   They are in regular work and they both are looking fantastic.   I am extremely pleased with Insu-Lite and the help I received from the advisor at Hilton Herbs.   I am definitely keeping them on the supplement.  They are barefoot and their feet, although good before, have become even tougher.   Another bonus is they absolutely love it!  I would recommend anyone with good doer issues to use this and keep going for at least 6 weeks to really see the benefit.

- Pearl James, 27/08/2021

I absolutely love this product! I’m feeding it to my Haflinger who has been barefoot for quite a few years now but we’ve always struggled to get her comfortable over stones, and she had very thin soles despite all our efforts. After feeding Insu-lite for three months her soles are much thicker, no longer flex to thumb pressure, and she can spend time on our stone yard without boots.

- Sally Chaplin, 05/02/2020

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