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Our Story

Hilton Herbs is a family-run business dedicated to manufacturing top-quality herbal feed supplements and healthcare products for horses and pets. We are proud of our 'green' credentials, ethical ethos and pioneering approach to packaging and labelling. 

Our story began in 1990 when Director and Co-Founder Hilary Self BSc MNIMH researched and formulated a herbal supplement for her husband’s horse which was suffering from an arthritic condition. Clients on their livery yard and within their social network began asking Hilary to formulate mixes for their own horses and so a fledgling business began and the rest, as they say, is history!  Hilary went on to take a BSc degree in Herbal Medicine and has continued to spend a large part of her time researching herbal medicine and developing new herbal supplements and complementary health care products for horses, pets, poultry and birds. She has also written two books, A Modern Horse Herbal and the Veteran Horse Herbal, both of which been translated into several different languages and lectured at symposiums in the UK, Europe and the US.


Hilary and Tony Self are really proud of how their family business has developed over the years assisted by a dedicated team, all of whom are determined to help us provide our customers with exceptional, effective top quality products supported by a friendly, knowledgeable customer Helpline.  

A purpose-built manufacturing facility, deep in the beautiful Somerset countryside, is run under audited European (UFAS) and USA (NASC) accreditation schemes so customers can be confident they are using ingredients and products produced under the strictest codes of safety, quality control and traceability. The company’s dedication to customer service, and the manufacture of the finest quality effective products has resulted in our business now being able to offer help and support to horse and pet owners via our websites or via stores, wholesalers and distributors in over 30 countries around the world!

What started life as a cry for help from one of Hilary & Tony's own animals has turned into a way of life for them and for thousands of like-minded animal lovers.

For more information, please see our Blog.

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