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Terms & Conditions




Applications of Conditions


Unless otherwise agreed in writing by us, these conditions of sale and business arrangements (which supersede any earlier sets of conditions), shall apply to all contracts between us and our customers and shall override any terms stipulated, incorporated or referred to by the customer.




We shall not be bound by any oral condition, warranty, guarantee or representation made or purported to be made on our behalf unless the same be in writing.

Catalogs, Pricing & Point of Sale


  1. All descriptions and illustrations contained in any of our advertising or sales literature are intended for information only and accordingly, none of such particulars shall form part of any contract between us, and a customer is solely responsible to their customers for advice about selection, suitability, case and maintenance of any goods supplied by us.
  2. The customer "Helpline" is available ("Toll-Free” 1 855 261 1289) to all agents and their customers and we encourage you to use it. We consider our "Helpline" to be a major part of our business, whereby customers can discuss in detail specific problems they may have with their animals.


All Distribution/Wholesale Inquiries & Order Support is available via ("Toll-Free” 1 866 929 0636) or email


  1. Hilton Herbs will support you throughout the year via our “Stockist” section on our website, via social media platforms and with point of sale materials as appropriate.


Prices & Specifications


We shall be entitled to invoice goods at the price ruling at the date of dispatch and we shall charge any other tax or duty based or related to the supply of goods or services or turnover (whether or not included in any quotation or invoice) for which we may be liable in respect of any contract.

Stockists must supply their Sales Tax Exempt certificate when applying for an account 


Sizes, capacities and colors are descriptive only, but are accurate within the normal standards applicable in the industries.






  1. The company shall not accept liability for failure to deliver by any specified date, unless the company is notified in writing that time is of the essence, (with a date specified) at the time of placing the order and accepted by us in writing.


  1. All prices are ex works and shipping will be charged on all orders whose value falls under the free shipping threshold unless customers own transport is used. Hilton Herbs will endeavour, wherever possible, to dispatch goods within          48 hours of receiving the order.

Force Majeure


If delivery of the goods is delayed or prevented by events or circumstances beyond our control, the company shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused thereby.

Passing of Risk


The risk in the goods contracted to be sold by us shall pass to the customer when the goods are delivered to the customer or in accordance with the customer’s instructions.

Passing of Property


Notwithstanding the preceding clause the property in, and title to, the goods contracted to be sold by us, shall only pass when payment in full has been made for such goods and the customer shall remain a bailee only having a fiduciary relationship with the seller.


Damage or Non-Delivery


Breakages, shortages and non-delivery (whole or part) must be reported to our trade sales department within 2 days of delivery/invoice date. Damaged goods must be retained, and photographs should be emailed to us for review pending disposal instructions from us.



The company reserves the right to modify designs and specifications without notice, capacities and dimensions are given for guidance only and are approximate.



If the customer, being an individual, shall at any time become bankrupt or shall have a receiving order or administration order made against him, or shall make any composition or arrangement with his creditors or, being a company, shall enter into liquidation, have a winding up, or have appointed a receiver of its assets income or any part thereof we shall be entitled forthwith to determine any contact then subsisting by giving written notice to the customers last known address. Any of such goods then in the possession of the customer (if not paid for in full) shall forthwith be returned to us or (at our option), made available for collection by us and we shall have the right to enter on the premises of the customer to collect such goods.




Settlement Terms


All new customers shall pay proforma invoice until a credit account has been opened and credit references taken up. From that point forward the buyer shall pay for the goods within

(30) days after date of invoice.




Overdue Accounts


The company reserves the right to charge interest at 15% above bank base rate, calculated on a daily basis, for all amounts outstanding after 30 days from invoice date. The company reserves the right to vary the rate of interest charged.


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