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Tick Slick Spray

Too slick for Ticks!

(Average 5/5)
Prices from: £ 31.57

  • An ultra-effective pesticide and oil-free spray deterrent for ticks 
  • Fast-acting & quick-drying.
  • Is a coat conditioner too!

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21102 946 ml Spray Bottle £ 31.57
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Tick Slick is an ultra-effective formula that is completely pesticide free. Easy to apply this spray conditioner works for horses & dogs and literally makes their coats too slick for ticks!  After just one application of Tick Slick you'll notice an immediate reduction on the number of ticks on our horses and pets.  Repeated applications enhance the product's effectiveness.

  • Effective immediately and lasts for up to one week
  • Oil-free and leaves no residue
  • Quick-drying
  • A safe and effective way to keep your animals tick-free


De-ionised water



Emulsifying wax NF

Polysorbate 20

Lavender oil



Potassium sorbate

For best results: Tick Slick is most effective on a recently rinsed/washed animal.  Do not apply to the saddle or girth area of horses.

Apply Tick Slick on a horse or dog's clean coat, mane and tail.  Spray a heavy mist until the hair is damp then hand-stroke or use a brush in the direction of the hair.  Allow to dry before doing any additional grooming.  Re-apply each time you are heading out for a ride, hack, or walk.

If you have any concerns about your animal's health please contact your vet immediately.  If you have any queries about using this product, or if your animal is pregnant, please contact our Helpline 0800 052 3672 (Freephone) or email

"This is my second year in a row using Ticks-Off. It absolutely works and I love it. I have predominately used it on my horse who lives on pasture in Virginia. In the spring time, before I started using Ticks-Off I would literally pull 10 to 20 ticks out of his forelock, mane and tail on a daily basis. I was amazed that as soon as I started spraying this in those areas, rarely did I see a tick on him (and usually only if it had been several days since I had applied the spray.) This spring not one tick yet (but they are out and sticking to other horses!) I have recommended this product to others and will continue to spread the word!!"

- D Jones, 02/07/2019

"We just moved to an area where ticks are just about everywhere. Since I own poodles it’s been quite the challenge to keep ticks at bay. Well a friend recommended Ticks-Off since I was looking for something organic, not toxic for my babies. I use Ticks-Off also as a finale rinse on my poodles thick and curly hair and I apply it every time I let them run on my large property. It works ! honestly it does ! smells good, and the best thing is that gives me a piece of mind to know I am not applying harmful chemicals on my poodles. Also the hair is very smooth after I apply it so I use it on my own hair when I go into the woods. Highly recommended this product, love the smell too!"

- S Black, 02/07/2019

The best I've ever used! Easy to use, effective and just perfect for my dogs. Our Bobtail is a "tick collector" - with ticks off no more ticks - zero zero zero ticks - I'm happy!

- Anita Müller, 18/04/2018

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