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As a manufacturer of natural herbal products, we are as concerned about the health of our planet as that of your animals. This is why we do our best to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible. 

In 2015 we changed the packaging we use for our dried dog products from foil bags, which are not recyclable, to our current pots. Every part of our new tubs are recyclable, they just need to be broken down accordingly by you at home.

Canine dried product pot


In 2019, we decided to move away from the plastic bucket for the packaging of our dried horse products in favour of an eco-responsible kraft bag. The bags protective inner PP film and outer kraft paper can be separated and recycled. Making this change allowed us to reduce our carbon footprint and eliminate more than 9 tons of plastic packaging per year!

We have yet to find a viable replacement for plastic bottles. But, those that we use to protect the mother tinctures are 100% recyclable, even their cap!

Equine Kraft bag


The scoops that you find within our dried equine and canine products are manufactured from standard grades of polypropylene and masterbatch colourant. Because the scoops are made from a single polymer they are easily re-cycled and are accepted in your usual recycling!

Dried product scoop


All of our boxes that we use to send your orders are biodegradable and recyclable. Where possible, we encourage you to reuse or donate them. We also recycle any cardboard boxes we receive from our suppliers by shredding them. This allows us to re-use them to protect the products you order in transit!

We also make sure that all of our wonderful catalogues are printed on FCS paper from sustainably managed forests.

In 2019 we also upgraded the heating and hot water system for our offices and warehouse by investing in a biomass boiler. This is fuelled by logs from the woodland we have on site here at Downclose Farm. The woodland is sustainably managed throughout the year to support the local wildlife.

New biomass boiler in place


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