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Recovery Supplements for Horses

Today's horses and ponies tend to live far longer than their counterparts of old with advances in veterinary science, farriery and nutrition, but sometimes they need extra support especially:

  • seniors who struggle to shed their coat
  • those whose immunity is compromised
  • horses working below par
Our "Special Support" Section contains a range of herbal supplements to help support horses & ponies maintain their quality of life and encourage them back to health.

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VireX Cream

Rich In Thuja
VireX Cream - 100g tube - front
Prices from: £ 17.09


For Immune Support
Equimmune - 1kg bag front
Prices from: £ 32.64

Equimmune Gold

For Immune Support
Equimmune Gold - 1l bottle
Prices from: £ 35.80

Cush X

For Endocrine Support
Cush X - 1kg bag front
Prices from: £ 37.95

Cush X Gold

For Endocrine Support
Cush X Gold - 1l bottle
Prices from: £ 35.80

✔ Borne Two

To maintain overall long-term health and well-being
✔ Borne Two - 500ml bottle
Prices from: £ 48.07

✔ Borne One

To maintain effective long-term immune function
✔ Borne One - 500ml bottle
Prices from: £ 48.07

Equimmune PLUS

Supports Optimum Immune Function | Competition legal
Equimmune PLUS - 500ml bottle front
Prices from: £ 43.13

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