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Q: How much should I feed?

A: Feed according to height / weight (full instructions on packaging). There is no loading dose. 

Q: How long will the herbs take to be absorbed?

A: All animals are individuals but generally allow 3-4 weeks for dry herb mixes and 7-10 days for Gold solutions. 

Q: Are the herbs addictive?  

A: No, animals will not become dependent on the herbs.

Q: Will the effects wear off if fed long-term? 

A:  Effectiveness will not change with long-term use however the condition symptoms for which the product is being fed may alter with time and may give the impression that the product is no longer working. 

Q: Are the products palatable? 

A: Generally very palatable however introduce very gradually with fussy feeders or use the Gold solutions which can be orally syringed.

For more help to feed the supplements to your pets and horses : Top tips for picky eaters


Q: What is the difference between the dry and liquid products? 

A: Simply speed of absorption.  Occasionally an animal will respond better to dry than liquid or vice-versa but there is no logic in this.  **With larger horses Gold solutions can be more cost-effective.


Q: Can several products be mixed?  

A: Generally this is not a problem but if in doubt contact our Helpline.


Q: Can Hilton Herbs products be fed with other supplements?  

A: Generally this is not a problem but if in doubt contact our Helpline.


Q: Which is better?  Dry or liquid herbal products?  

A: Neither is ‘better’ it’s simply speed of absorption although using a liquid product can enable the owner of the animal to see a quicker reaction.


Q: Can Hilton Herbs products be fed with conventional medicine?  

A: Generally yes, but if in doubt take advice from your vet with whom we are happy to discuss dosage or use of products.


Q: Can herbs cause allergic reactions?  

A: Reactions to herbal mixes are rare and are generally an adverse reaction to an individual herb in a mix (nettle is the most common).  Stop feeding the product and contact our Helpline for advice.


Q: Can I give a herbal supplement to my pregnant mare?  

A: Please contact our Helpline for advice.

Q: How do I use your two chamber bottle?  

A: To fill the small measuring chamber simply squeeze the larger chamber. This will push the liquid supplement up the small tube on the side of the bottle into the measuring chamber. Stop squeezing when you have the desired amount, then remove the lid from the measuring chamber and pour the liquid onto your animals feed.

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