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Mobility Support

For optimum mobility whatever age

(Average 5/5)
Prices from: £ 11.39

  • Healthy circulation
  • Supple joints & healthy connective tissue
  • Helps maintain normal bone, hip & joint function

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Mobility Support is formulated to maintain and support:

  • optimum mobility and joint suppleness
  • healthy connective tissue eg tendons, ligaments
  • those who may need particular mobility support due to their breed/size

Mobility Support is a fine cut dry supplement containing herbs such as meadowsweet, msm and bamboo to help your dog whatever its age.  Hilton Herbs were the first company to harness the power of bamboo, a natural, non-animal source of glucosamine-like compounds, in a canine product.  These compounds are the building blocks of the complex muco–polysaccharides that provide the structural components of connective tissue.  Recommended in particular for agility or working dogs or those animals whose breed/size may need particular support of the musculo-skeletal system.

If you find your dog has over exerted itself such as on holiday and additional support is required, consider our Canine Releaf Gold.  Our topicals Muscle Magic or TLC may also prove beneficial.  

With this particular supplement, do allow a good four weeks for benefits to be seen.


MSM (Methyl sulphonyl methane)

Bamboo extract

Devils Claw root

Meadowsweet herb

Yarrow herb


  • Add to the feed on a daily basis, where possible splitting the required amount between two feeds
  • A 2.5 ml scoop is included in the tub and full instructions will be found on the packaging
  • Introduce slowly if your dog has not had supplements before
  • Please allow up to a month for full benefits to be seen
  • In time, you may find the amount fed can be lowered
  • Animals are individuals, often a lower maintenance amount will be sufficient for long-term use

If you have any concerns about your animal's health please contact your vet immediately.  If you have any queries about using this product, or if your animal is pregnant, please contact our Helpline 0800 052 3672 (Freephone) or email

The sulphur contained in MSM is very fragile and can easily be destroyed by heat or exposure to air, so we recommend you add any supplement containing MSM to your dogs food just before feeding.

I have been using this product for about 2 years now, and can honestly say that it works, I took my dog off it for a while, and although she is very fit, I could started to see she was getting a little slower, I put her back onto it and with a couple of weeks she was back to normal, thank you hilton herbs

- katey, 07/07/2022

I have been using this product for about 2 years now, and can honestly say that it works, one of my dogs hadn't had it for a while, and although she is in great condition, I started to see that, she was getting a little slower especially when walking up hill, I put her back on mobility support, and with in a couple of weeks she was back to normal.

- katey, 01/07/2022

I have recently started using this product for my dog whose been struggling and I’m amazed by the results. He too is a fussy eater so to ensure I get in him I’ve found a way to do this. I’m actually using 2 products but whatever you’re using I put a heaped scoop in to a small dish with a little bit of honey and mix with a tiny amount of water from kettle. It then becomes a ball shape and pop in his mouth and give him a treat after or some chicken!

- Marianne Ashman, 26/08/2020

Really good and has helped my senior dog to become far more agile after he also 2 years ago slipped his disc could not be without it and so gentle on his tummy too.

- Kim Gilbey, 13/05/2020

my huge Pyrenees mountain dog was limping badly, due to age and jumping in and out of the car. two tins later he no longer limps, runs and plays like a puppy. he is 8 years old, which isn't that Young for such a big dog, weighing 50kgs.

- Christine Crofts, 16/03/2020

Started feeding mobility support a month ago. My 12 year old jack Russell is a retired canicross dog whose mobility has deteriorated and is now on medication. However since feeding these herbs I have be able to review his medication and he is bombing around like a 5year old. No more stiffness and he is more content and happy with life. It's like a miracle. Best product I have ever tried.

- Roxanne Rose, 22/01/2018

I have a 12 year old GSP with mobility concerns. I've had him on Senior Gold and Mobility support for 4 months and he's a different dog! Love how he's up and about tail wagging so much again.

- Amanda , 28/11/2017

I use the mobility support for my senior lab. Since taking this formula he does not trip as much and has more strength on his hind legs. He is very picky about taste however so I can only get him take a half a dose per feeding.

- Joy Fowler, 24/01/2017

My Collie is on the Canine Immunity Plus during the winter months and the Canine Mobility just as a maintenance as she can be very active (currently curled up asleep on the settee !!)

- Liz Lewin, 07/01/2015

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