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01 September

Should I give my horse a detox?

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What is a detox?

Detoxing is a popular way to support your horses‘ health, but what does it really mean?

Over time, from illness or aging, organs can accumulate toxins. These toxins can impact the way organ’s function. A detox can help to cleanse these organs and contribute to increasing their efficiency.

Why should I feed my horse a detox supplement?

Diet changes, worming and veterinary medication can have an impact on the body’s natural waste elimination process. A detox can help to support the health of your horses’ liver and kidneys while improving their function.

The liver plays an important role in metabolising fat and starch. It also filters out toxins, medication and ammonia (turning it into urea). The main function of the Kidneys is of course filtering and processing urine, but they also play a part in the hormonal system.

When should I feed a detox supplement?

Giving your horse a detox twice a year in spring and autumn can help support their organs. This is especially important in animals that are displaying signs of shedding issues, dull coat or skin conditions. A detox can also help to support the body through the process of worming or following a lengthy period on veterinary medication. Finally, for horses and ponies that are overweight, a regular detox can help to regulate the absorption of starch and fat by the body.

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What should I look for in a detox supplement?

A trained herbalist would recommend herbs traditionally used for their diuretic properties such as nettle and dandelion as well as herbs to support the liver and kidneys such as burdock and milk-thistle. More complex natural mixes incorporating cleaver and liquorice can help support the urinary system, help purify the blood and protect the digestive tract.

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