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Arnica - 30c

Homeopathic Remedies

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10150 7 g Bottle - Tablets £ 8.36
10468 30 ml Bottle - Liquid £ 27.40
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Arnica Homeopathic Tablets & Liquid - 30c for:

  • mobility support

Please note we are not homeopathic vets and offer guidelines as recommended by Tim Couzens MRCVS (Homeopathy for Horses) For dosage guidance for specific health concerns please contact a homeopathic vet listed at

General Guidelines: 

Correct potency depends on many factors: condition, triggers, symptoms, animal’s characteristics, modalities (what makes symptoms better/worse) and the Remedy (one tablet or ten drops) is the same regardless of size, weight, age, breed or species of animal.  

6c & 30c potencies - give two to three daily until improvement seen.  For long term conditions, this may be lowered when improvement seen.  

1m & 200c potencies - often given more sparingly (once daily or twice weekly) 

OR more frequently following trauma (i.e., Arnica 200c once every 15 minutes during first hour until improvement seen) 

OR for behaviour problems once half an hour before event and another just prior to event.  

Arnica 30c homeopathic tablets in 7g bottle

Arnica 30c homeopathic liquid in 30ml bottle

  • do not handle Remedy
  • give Remedy directly into lower lip or mouth of animal or
  • tip Remedy onto hollowed out piece of carrot, apple or treat or 
  • crush Remedy to a powder (between spoons) and tip into mouth
  • liquid Remedies (10 drops) may be syringed in with water
  • avoid giving Remedies within half an hour of feeding
  • if giving two Remedies allow at least five mins between giving each
  • keep away from strong light, heat, smells (garlic/mint) and electromagnetic sources

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