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Mobility Support

Optimum Mobility for your Pet

Prices from: $ 15.75

  • for optimum mobility & joint suppleness
  • for healthy connective tissue e.g. tendons & ligaments

Animal Size

SKU Product Size Price Cost per day Days Quantity
91080 2.1 oz Tub $ 15.75 $
91082 4.4 oz Tub $ 29.40 $
91084 4.4 oz Tub X 2 $ 54.10 $
91086 4.4 oz Tub X 3 $ 77.62 $
91088 4.4 oz Tub X 5 $ 120.54 $

Our palatable fine cut herbal supplement will help maintain and support:

  • optimum mobility and joint suppleness
  • healthy connective tissue e.g. tendons and ligaments
  • the larger breed dog who may need additional joint support
  • musculoskeletal & nervous system health

Hilton Herbs were the first company to harness the power of bamboo, a natural, non-animal source of glucosamine-like compounds, in a canine product. These compounds are the building blocks of the complex muco-polysaccharides that provide the structural components of connective tissue. Recommended in particular for agility or working dogs or those animals whose breed/size may require additional muscsculo-skeletal support.  


  • MSM (Methyl sulphonyl methane)
  • Bamboo extract
  • Devils Claw root
  • Meadowsweet herb
  • Yarrow herb
  • Ginger 

Directions for use:

  • Comes with a 2.5ml scoop inside the tub.
  • Administer orally on a daily basis, dividing the required amount between two administrations for best results
  • Full Instructions will be found on the packaging
  • Introduce gradually building up to the full recommended amount over a period of 5 - 7 days
  • Please allow up to a month for full benefits to be seen
  • Dogs are individuals so often a lower maintenance amount will be sufficient for long-term use


11lbs / 5 kg -  ½ x 2.5ml scoop per day - 4.40 oz tub will last approx 6 plus months
22lbs/ 10 kgs - 1 x 2.5ml scoop per day - 4.40 oz tub will last approx 4 months
44lbs/ 20 kgs - 2 x 2.5 ml scoops per day - 4.40 oz tub will last approx 2 months
66lbs/ 30 kgs - 3 x 2.5 ml scoops per day - 4.40 oz tub will last approx 6 weeks
88lbs/ 40 kgs - 4 x 2.5ml scoops per day - 4.40 oz tub will last approx 1 month
 110lbs/ 50 kgs - 6 x 2.5 ml scoops per day - 4.40 oz tub will last approx 20 days


If you have any concerns about your animal's health please contact your veterinarian immediately.   

If you have any queries about using this product, please contact:

Toll-Free Helpline 1 855 261 1289 or Email:


Yarrow -Achillea millefolium

Folklore: Achillea has been known as a medicinal plant from ancient times. It got its name from the fact that Achilles the hero and Greek warrior of the Homer Iliad was said to have used the plant to staunch the wounds of his soldiers at the battle of Troy. In the middle ages Yarrow was known as the Witch Plant and was included in brides wedding bouquets to assure 7 years of happiness.

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