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This season's must-haves

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Cleaver & Marigold Tincture

A pure liquid herbal blend for horses & ponies
Cleaver and Marigold Tincture Mix
Prices from: $ 50.40

Aloe Vera 2:1 Extract

For external and internal use with all animals
Aloe Vera - 2.1pt Bottle
Prices from: $ 32.14

Cleaver & Marigold

A dry herbal supplement for horses & ponies
Cleaver & Marigold - raw product + scoop
Prices from: $ 57.29

Bye Bye Fly Garlic Powder

Helps Deter Flies & Biting Insects
Bye Bye Garlic Powder - 3.3lb Tub
Prices from: $ 39.31 Was $ 49.14 Save 20%

Black Himalayan Rock Salt Lick

With Added Herbs
Black Himalayan Salt Lick 2.2lb Rock Salt - front on
Prices from: $ 16.32

Himalayan Salt Licks

Nothing Added & Nothing Taken Out!
Pink Himalayan Rock Salt Lick - 2.2lb
Prices from: $ 11.34

Turmeric & Black Pepper Tincture

A liquid herbal blend for horses & ponies
Turmeric and Black Pepper Tincture:
Prices from: $ 69.30

Himalayan Salt Blocks

Nothing added & nothing taken out!
Prices from: $ 18.74 Was $ 22.06 Save 15%

Bye Bye Fly (Pure Garlic Granules)

Rich In Bio-Available Sulphur and B Group Vitamins
Bye Bye Fly Garlic Granules - 2.2lb Bag
Prices from: $ 32.76

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