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Mobility & Seniors

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a dog bounding across a field or park, enjoying life to the full, flexible and agile as they jump and run for joy. It should be the aim of every dog owner to try and ensure their dog retains this suppleness and enthusiasm throughout their lives, regardless of age or activity. Unfortunately, however carefully you look after your pet, you cannot protect them from the everyday knocks, bumps, and injuries that they will inevitably sustain. These everyday injuries, plus the effects of ageing can, over time take their toll, affecting the overall mobility of your dog. Older dogs will lose the flexibility of youth and may struggle to do routine things like climbing stairs, jumping into the backs of cars or getting up out of their beds. We are confident that in this section you will find products to suit your dog’s particular needs. Listed in the following pages are a selection of dry and liquid herbal products, plus topical lotions and homeopathics to help support and maintain healthy supple joints, muscles and connective tissue in dogs of all ages whatever their activity.

Hilton Herbs – The Natural Answer for Optimum Mobility.

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Ezee Arnica

For knocks and bruising
Ezee Arnica - 0.5pt Bottle
Prices from: $ 19.95

Senior Dog Gold

Total Support for the Older Dog
Senior Dog Gold - 0.5pt
Prices from: $ 19.43

TLC Lotion

Tendon and Ligament Support
TLC Lotion - 0.5pt Bottle
Prices from: $ 13.02

Muscle Magic

Herbal massage lotion
Muscle Magic - 0.5pt Bottle
Prices from: $ 15.12

Mobility Support

Optimum Mobility for your Pet
Mobility Support - 4.4oz Tub
Prices from: $ 15.75

Senior Dog

Total Support for the Senior Dog
Senior Dog - 4.4oz Tub
Prices from: $ 14.70

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