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Healthy Coat & Skin

A dog’s coat and skin condition is a direct reflection of its state of health. You can do your part by ensuring that your pet has a varied fresh diet to ensure healthy coat growth and skin condition. In addition, regular exercise will keep your dog fit and active and promote a good circulation, vital for stimulating and maintaining a healthy coat and skin. Finally, by regularly grooming your dog you will further stimulate the blood supply to the area, encouraging the removal of dead skin and hair and ensuring the coat stays in the very best condition. Unfortunately there will be times when, despite your very best efforts, your pet’s coat may become scurfy, dull, smelly, irritated, sore or damaged as a result of allergens, minor wounds, abrasions, biting insects or ill health. We can help you ensure your dog’s coat and skin is maintained in prime condition all year round. Our range of herbal mixes and topical products contain plants known for their soothing, cooling, anti–bacterial and anti–fungal action, that will help you support and maintain your dog’s coat and skin in prime condition whatever the season.

Hilton Herbs - The Natural Answer for Optimum Health

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Our 'magic' Cream for Minor Wounds
Phytobalm - 3.52oz Tube
Prices from: $ 21.00

Seaweed & Rosehip

Daily Nutrition
Seaweed & Rosehip - 4.4oz Tub
Prices from: $ 10.50

Top Coat

For Prime Coat & Skin Health
Top Coat - 4.4oz Tub
Prices from: $ 12.60

Bye Bye Itch Lotion

Cooling To Reduce Irritation
Bye Bye Itch Lotion - 0.5pt Bottle
Prices from: $ 15.70

Tick Twister

Simple & Safe Tick Removal
Tick Twister - Pack of 2
Prices from: $ 6.25

Ticks-Off Spray

Too slick for Ticks!
Ticks-Off Spray - 32 fl oz Bottle
Prices from: $ 31.50

Ticks-Off Spray - Refill Concentrate

Too slick for Ticks!
Ticks-Off Spray - Concentrate - 10 fl oz Bottle
Prices from: $ 42.00

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