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Herbal Supplements for Dogs

A range of 100% natural feed supplements which are formulated by a fully-qualified Medical Herbalist and manufactured in the UK to NASC requirements and with FDA approved labelling.

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Apple Cider Vinegar

Health Supplement for Horses, Farm Animals & Domestic Pets
Apple Cider Vinegar - 2.1pt Bottle
Prices from: $ 13.02

Aloe Vera 2:1 Extract

For external and internal use with all animals
Aloe Vera - 2.1pt Bottle
Prices from: $ 26.78

DeTox Support

Supports Healthy Liver & Kidney Function
Detox Support - 4.4oz Tub
Prices from: $ 14.70

Ezee Arnica

For knocks and bruising
Ezee Arnica - 0.5pt Bottle
Prices from: $ 19.95

LBM Solution

For Healthy Urinary & Bladder Function
LBM Solution - 0.5pt Bottle
Prices from: $ 26.25

Senior Dog Gold

Total Support for the Older Dog
Senior Dog Gold - 0.5pt
Prices from: $ 19.43


Our 'magic' Cream for Minor Wounds
Phytobalm - 3.52oz Tube
Prices from: $ 21.00

Seaweed & Rosehip

Daily Nutrition
Seaweed & Rosehip - 4.4oz Tub
Prices from: $ 10.50

CDRM Solution

Neurological & Pelvic Health
CDRM Solution - 0.5pt Bottle
Prices from: $ 26.25

Top Coat

For Prime Coat & Skin Health
Top Coat - 4.4oz Tub
Prices from: $ 12.60

Immune Support

Strong Effective Immune Support
Immune Support - 4.4oz Tub
Prices from: $ 14.70

Adrenal Support

Healthy balanced endocrine support
Adrenal Support - 4.40z Tub
Prices from: $ 16.80

Digest Support

For Optimum Digestive Health
Digest Support - 4.4oz Tub
Prices from: $ 16.80

KD Solution

To Support Kidney Health & Function
KD Solution - 0.5pt Bottle
Prices from: $ 26.25

Tranquility - (Multi-Buy)

The Natural Calmer
Tranquility - 4.4oz Tub
Prices from: $ 15.75

Tranquility Gold

The Ultimate Calmer
Tranquility Gold - 1.05pt Bottle
Prices from: $ 19.43

Bye Bye Itch Lotion

Cooling To Reduce Irritation
Bye Bye Itch Lotion - 0.5pt Bottle
Prices from: $ 15.70

Senior Dog

Total Support for the Senior Dog
Senior Dog - 4.4oz Tub
Prices from: $ 14.70

Tick Twister

Simple & Safe Tick Removal
Tick Twister - Pack of 2
Prices from: $ 6.25

K9 Tic X AfterCare

For Long Term Multi-System Immunity
K9 Tic X - AfterCare - 0.5pt Bottle
Prices from: $ 23.10

K9 Tic X - 1st Care

For multi-system immune function support
K9 Tic X 1st Care - 0.5pt Bottle
Prices from: $ 26.25

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