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Thuja is both a homeopathic remedy and is also used in tincture form, and is generally used to help with lumps and bumps in horses, dogs and other animals. Thuja is an extract from the northern white cedar, Arbor vitae. We use Thuja in our VireX cream. We can also also supply the homeopathic remedy Thuja in a variety of potencies. General Guidelines: With regard to homeopathic preparations we recommend consulting either a homeopathic Vet . Homeopathic vets listed at www.bahvs.com. or refer to homeopathic guidelines as recommended by Tim Couzens MRCVS (Homeopathy for Horses).

Thuja homeopathic tablets in a 7g Bottle

Thuja occidentalis)


Herb Glossary
  • do not handle Remedy
  • give Remedy directly into lower lip or mouth of animal or
  • tip Remedy onto hollowed out piece of carrot, apple or treat or 
  • crush Remedy to a powder (between spoons) and tip into mouth
  • liquid Remedies (10 drops) may be syringed in with water
  • avoid giving Remedies within half an hour of feeding
  • if giving two Remedies allow at least five mins between giving each
  • keep away from strong light, heat, smells (garlic/mint) and electromagnetic sources

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