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ComPoost'Em natural poo bags are the most durable and ethical poo bags in terms of materials used and the production methods. They are a highly environmentally friendly alternative to plastic poo bags and are produced in an energy efficient way with reduced CO2 emissions. ComPoost'Em are 100% natural and are part of the solution not pollution!
  • ComPoost'Em poo bags are made from renewable raw material residues such as corn starch which are not suitable for use in the food chain.
  • In each box, you get 30 bags
Herb Glossary
An average dog poo takes 7 days to decompose, a plastic dog waste bag takes 1000 years to decompose! that means... if King Harold had taken his dog for a walk before he went into the Battle of Hastings, and picked up his dog's poo with a plastic bag, it would still have another 46 years before it decomposed!

ComPoost'Em take 90 days to disintegrate and 6 months to compost.

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