Words from Julie - a happy horse, is a happy customer:

Thornton was on Loan and unfortunately developed White Lines Disease after getting an abscess which was poorly treated and managed.  The abscess was late 2019 and I saw him in June 2020 and noticed how misshapen his hoof was.  I am very lucky that my own farrier that has cared for his feet all his life until he went on loan in 2018 was happy to travel to treat him (not local!). 

Andy Taylor removed the shoe, and the hoof wall came away in parts and he then found the White Line disease along with another abscess in the other hoof most likely caused due to Thornton putting unequal weight on that foot as the other was so bad.

Andy then set about trimming and, as you can see from the photos, this was dramatic to get rid of the disease.  However even with special shoes and pads to keep him pain free and no riding he was making very slow progress.  So, in September I decided it was the best thing for him to come home so I could ensure he was getting the care he needed and also it was closer for Andy, Thornton had gone lame by this time and very sore.

Andy asked me to put him on Hilton Herbs Hoof & Health and also linseed in his feed which was started late September once home, Andy has a lot of his clients using this and the difference in his foot growth was remarkable. We are now into January and most of the filler is out and it looks like a normal hoof.  Now my daughter Ella is riding him and looking forward to a bright future with him.

I cannot thank Andy Taylor for recommending your product enough and of course for the hours and hours of care in all weathers to get him right.

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