Words from Sara - a happy horse, is a happy customer:

I bought GastriX after a recommendation from my barefoot trimmer who had seen the benefits another of her clients had with this product. I have a spotty mare who is very sensitive in her stomach, the extent that she would actually go to nip if you went to press on her stomach area. When working with her feet, she was obviously uncomfortable when picking up her left hind, but with no known muscle or hoof issues. When doing groundwork, if asked to step back or away, she would squeal and put her ears back. I only use gentle techniques, as little pressure as possible, but even a short training session was enough to make her worried and over-threshold, with barging behaviour and her generally refusing to co-operate.

I’m not a fan of giving horses loads of supplements, but I thought I’d try this as my mare was obviously not happy and seemed worried for no reason a lot of the time. She also ate very slowly and sometimes rolled after a feed, especially if there were any vitamins added so I had to stop putting them in her chaff. She used to lie on the muck heap after eating too, which seemed to me like putting a hot water bottle on a sore stomach!

We are on our third bag of GastriX as I took 2 weeks to build it up to the full recommended amount and I am amazed at the difference in my spotty girl. She had her hooves trimmed this week and was much more relaxed, no nipping at all, just a little resistance at the start as she may have been expecting discomfort. She eats more quickly and moves straight on to the hay like the others instead of walking away slowly and looking miserable. Her training is much easier now and she can concentrate better without getting upset.

Even her eye is better - her left eye tends to droop a bit, and then get some discharge, made worse by her ‘frowning’ due to stomach discomfort, I believe (I had my vet out and they said to leave it unless it gets infected). Her whole face and demeanour have changed, and she seems so much happier, even a bit more confident with the other horses.

No other changes to her management or feeds have been made so I am sure it is down to the GastriX. I’m going to keep her on the full amount for a while then try and reduce it to a maintenance dose, and also put my other 2 on it for a few weeks every year when I am giving wormers, any other medication or seem a bit off.

I only feed Thunderbrooks chaff, muesli, and top chop zero (I have a PSSM horse so we’re sugar-free) a couple of handfuls twice a day, no sweet feed at all.

We were discussing it in an equine learning group I am part of, and someone suggested getting the vet to scope her gut. We talked about it and some very experienced people suggested that a better (and cheaper) route would be to give her the GastriX to see if it helped, if not, stop and then consider veterinary intervention. I much prefer this option and it has worked brilliantly, and my mare has avoided a very intrusive procedure with 24 hours starvation beforehand!

I will highly recommend GastriX to anyone who has a similar issue with their horse, and I believe it is a major help for their stomachs.

Sara and Grace

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