Happy New Year everyone!  Exciting times here at Rhosfawr as I await the arrival of my new foal (covid permitting) – well he’s a weanling now.  Our stables, tack and feed rooms are almost complete in the barn and the horses have been in there now for a month.  They like our home-grown hay (which is good as we have loads of it!) and seem very happy snuggled up in the barn.  There are still some bits to finish off (as ever!) but they’re in out of the snow, rain, and mud.  We seem to have had all sorts of weather just recently and in the last week it’s been so icy that I haven’t been able to get out to ride.  Luckily, I took Raf on a training ride just before Christmas and did 20k in the forestry with elevations of over 300m at all paces and he didn’t break sweat so I think he will be fit enough!  My first ride (hopefully) will be Wentwood at the end of February.  Only 32K to start the season and we will take it easy – just to get us into competing again.  But hopefully this year we will upgrade to advanced.  That’s the plan but it all depends on covid, lockdowns and so on...  I also hope to get the new baby out to a couple of shows.  His registered name is Binley Prince Johar and I’m now trying to think of a stable name for him.  Joey is the obvious one, but we already have a Joey! I’m sure the right name will come when we get him home. My lovely hat from Hilton Herbs has been a godsend in this weather – really snug and warm. I also found out that the bobble comes off for washing!  Bonus!

Hope you’re getting out safely on your horses, or if not, you’re finding plenty of time just to be with them.