It's been the strangest of seasons this year (if we can even call it one!) Wales have just come out of another lockdown which means I've not been out competing or training since my last update. It's been really tough to work out what best to do with the horses this year due to ever changing restrictions and guidance on what can and can't be done with our horses.

One thing which hasn't slowed down this time around is the racing industry. This has meant that I've had more demand than ever before for retraining and rehoming of former racehorses. I've had some lovely horses in recently, so I thought it might be nice to do an update about some of my more recent boys and girls who have gone on to their new homes.

1st on the list to move to his new life was Lotus. He's now living in a fantastic dressage home in Hereford, where he's proving that RoRs make fantastic dressage horses.

Lotus on the beach with Sophie

Then came Wells, who arrived shortly after Lotus. Wells was probably one-horse I’d love to have kept on, but with horses leaving racing every day at the moment, a fantastic home came along, so I had to let him go. He is now learning all about being a riding club horse in the Cotswolds.

Then came Milo. A lovely little 5-year-old gelding who had only run one race. He has a bright future ahead of him and I look forward to seeing Grace out and about on him over the next few months and years. It's an exciting partnership, and one I'm glad to have been a part of.

Then there was Bella. Bella was a funny little mare that needed a very special home. A home where she would never be under pressure and could get used to life outside racing at her own pace. I'm pleased to say she is now living very locally with a lovely lady who can give her all the time and patience that she needed.


left, Wells de Lune - right, Milo

Back in the Summer, little Sparky arrived here too. He has spent the summer out at grass bulking up and has now gone on to live in South Wales with a fantastic owner who will bring him slowly as a happy hacker.

That leaves the lovely Reefy who only arrived last week. He also has just gone off to his new home in Aberystwyth. He will be staying locally too, so I'm looking forward to seeing him out and about when the world returns to some sort of normality.

So, all in all, it's been an incredibly busy few months with lots of horses in and out. I now just have Rocket and HeeHaw to assess and find homes for over the next few weeks. Thank you to everyone that keeps in touch and continues to support me with what is both a passion and a way of life for me!

There are a few people that I couldn't do this without, and you all know who you are. A huge thanks also goes to my sponsors at Hilton Herbs that have supported me through thick and thin, whilst keeping my horses looking and feeling happy.


Left, Sparky - Right, Reefy ridden by Sophie