Julie says:

“It’s been a funny few weeks.  Until recently we hadn’t heard of anyone with Covid and then we came back from visiting friends feeling poorly. The friends came down with it and although we didn’t have the typical symptoms we wondered if we had it from them. Luckily, we were on our own so didn’t spread anything. We’d just got over that when we had Covid scares from two of our children’s friends resulting in us self-isolating 2 weeks before our wedding and wondering if our children would be there! 

I was planning to ride Raf to the chapel side-saddle accompanied by Mike on his beautiful new horse Joey.  I’d hired the saddle, spent a fortune on the habit and organised side saddle lessons. I had one lesson then we were into self-isolation so that ended. We took the horses out for a ride up the lane and to say they were spooky was an understatement… Raf turned into puff the magic dragon and I realised that if I tried riding him side saddle without more lessons the only chapel I would be in would be the chapel of rest! I did think of using some Calm & Collected as it has worked beautifully for him in the past but decided that as all of our nerves would be up and I would not be as secure as normal that discretion would be a better form of valour… As wonderful as the Calm & Collected is I don’t think anything could have worked the miracle needed for me to have arrived safely. 


So, we went to our wedding in the car and had a fabulous day with close friends and family – including fellow Hilton Herbs ambassador and close pal Sophie Spiteri – who caught my bouquet!  Raf hasn’t got out of it completely though. We will have a wedding blessing when all of this is over, and I am determined to ride him to the chapel then in the side saddle so watch this space!