It’s a wrap!

Those are exactly the words you want to hear at the end of a heavy day’s filming - but filming what??

We’d been discussing re-doing the product videos on our website for some time as they are rather dated and so our marketing agency, Noisy Little Monkey, based in Bristol, put us in touch with another Bristol-based business called Life Media.  A couple of zoom meetings with Creative Director Sunjay Singh convinced us that Life Media were the people to power our new product videos into the 21st century.

We decided to focus initially on the best-sellers in our equine range and we had subsequent meetings with Life Media to talk about these products, to decide how we wanted to present them and in what context.  Most importantly we had to decide what to say about them so as to stay in line with the requirements of the Veterinary Medicines Directive which is, broadly, not to make medicinal claims about the products in any way shape or form!  Having decided what we were going to say Life Media sent us a voice-over spreadsheet which we had to complete, timing ourselves to make sure the voice-overs were around one minute long.

A date had been set for the filming so a suitable area had to be chosen and turned into a mini film set with the appropriate accessories – straw bales, saddle horse complete with saddle and bridle, feed bowl, etc.  Products had to be prepared and boxed up according to whether they were UK, US, or French products as some of our products have different names in other countries.

The day came and fortunately the weather was kind because the ‘film set’ was indoors in one of our large barns we needed some good natural light.  All the voice-overs were done indoors with Hilary Self, our Herbalist, doing the UK/US, Edeline Bourrier doing France and Xenia Divakova, who looks after Trade Sales & Export for us, doing the German voice-overs.

The day went really well and we were complemented by Life Media on how organised we were and now wait for the “first rushes” and the captions so we can get the sub-titles done.

Very exciting so check out the website towards the end of November and see if you can spot the difference!