It has been a strange few months to say very least. Never have I felt so lost in terms of direction when it comes to horsey competition!  Not having a weekend goal to focus on is very strange, it has made me realise how I often ride from one goal to the next.

Wales has been a few weeks behind England in terms of opening up competition venues again, so things have not really got back to any form of normality here just yet.

I have managed to enter my first BD competition for the 17th of August which has filled me with excitement! I genuinely cannot remember the last time I was out competing. I cannot wait to get Gary, my new boy out to his first competition. Gar came to be about 6 weeks ago on behalf of his lovely racing owner. Whilst still a competitive racehorse, they decided it was time for him to finish on a good note and leave his career whilst fit and well. It always amazes me how much change their bodies go through during the retraining process, so to have a good feeding and supplement regime in place is incredibly important. I swear by ACV and Thrive and Shine for all my horses. I find it really supports them with the changes that their bodies go through during the retraining process. As you will see from the photos, Gar looks in great order, and is building new muscles and skills in his newfound role as a potential event horse. It feels like he has been here a long time now and I've not had a chance to show the world what he's made of. I have a dressage lesson booked with him for next weekend, so that will be the first step in resuming some sort of normality in terms of training and competition.

We have been making use of the downtime though and have been busy training hard at home. Having use of an incredible arena next door has been totally life changing.  It is meant that throughout lockdown, I've been able to school and bring on numerous thoroughbreds that have finished racing. I've been lucky enough to have a few real crackers of late, which have now gone on to start their new lives outside of racing. Seeing these horses transform from lean mean racing machines, into well rounded, confident competition horses still gives me the same buzz that it did when I started doing this 10 years ago.