Devil’s Claw – Harpogophytum procumbens


Habitat: Particularly found in Namibia, but indigenous to South and Eastern Asia.

Part used: Root

Actions: Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, sedative, antirheumatic, digestive stimulant.

Devil’s Claw can be given to support cases of arthritis when there is pain or inflammation, any form of degenerative joint disorder, or bony changes resulting in inflammation. Tests carried out in Germany (one of the biggest users of devil’s claw) have shown the anal=gesic and anti-inflammatory effects to be comparable with cortisone and phenylbutazone, without the attendant side-effects. Further tests suggest that the plant is also diuretic and stimulant to the liver and because of its bitters content it can help to encourage appetite. Avoid using the herb when gastric ulcers are indicated.

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