Sophie says

"It has been a funny few months. I'd usually be cramming writing this blog in between working weekdays and weekends away eventing, iInstead I am sat on the bed watching Netflix whilst typing this blog out. All horses are worked, ridden, and tucked up in their stables for the afternoon. It is certainly a strange old time at the moment, I can't remember a summer where I've spent so much time at home! I guess this is how normal/non horsey people live their lives!

I'm hoping that there will be some sort of normality that will resume shortly because there's only so much cooking, cleaning and gardening a horsey person can do before they go completely mad!

The horses are all working nicely. I've just been keeping them ticking over as I don't want a yard full of super-fit event horses who have nowhere to go! Obie is currently turned out on a summer holiday with his pal JT and he's really benefited from the break and is currently looking more like a Percheron than a sleek former racehorse. He will soon be back in work in the hope that we can catch the end of the summer season, and then get some winter leagues under our belt ahead of next year's event season. 

Twinx has gone off to live with a friend for a 12-month breeding loan. She is currently in foal to Sir Shutterfly - one of the few pure  bred TB stallions competing at 5* level - and I'm incredibly excited to see what the result is here!

Silmi is, well, Silmi. Quirky as ever and always making his own rules. I've never known a horse that can get away with so much, whilst still making me smile! He's getting on a bit now, and I do see a change in him. However, he is more than happy as a hacking and pleasure horse who comes in handy when teaching the newer RoR's how NOT to behave!

There is a rather lovely new kid on the block too. His name is Zerachiel (Big Gary) and he is a 9yr old Irish TB who has been a successful racehorse but who is now looking for a new career. He was only meant to be passing through but has quickly worked his way into my heart! He reminds me so much of Archie its uncanny. He's only been here a couple of weeks, but sometimes you just get 'that' feeling and know that they shouldn't be going anywhere. He is a big thick-set TB, just like the old-fashioned ones, he is well built enough to show, and I have high hopes for him on the eventing field. 

I'm hoping that by the next time I write an update, there should be some competition news to update you all on! For now though, happy baking, gardening and cleaning to all the other horsey people that may be feeling a bit lost during these uncertain times!"