Julie says:

"After the storms of the past few weeks I am worried that I will never get out on Raf again!  Sideways hail isn’t a good mix with an Arab full of the joys of Spring - even if those joys are a little early!  It isn’t too much of an issue however as we are in the middle of moving house and although we have sold we still haven’t confirmed a purchase!  We might be living in tents in the horses’ field at this rate…….

So it looks as though our endurance season will be starting a little later than usual.  We were entered for the Daffodil ride in mid-March but expect to be moving that weekend so I think April is a much more feasible bet.  It also gives us chance to get back on and 'de-fizz' the boys a bit!  I also had a lovely surprise to find out that Raf has won the Crabbet Organisation’s Open Endurance Championship for 2019.  I hadn’t realised that we’d done that well last year!

The dentist came out recently to give all of the horses their annual teeth rasp and once over.  It was rather a sad visit because our little Dartmoor pony had loose teeth.  He’s 23 and has done the grand total of six weeks work in his entire life!  He came to me at three months old as part of a Dartmoor cull. X-rays confirmed that he has an auto-immune disease that means his body is rejecting his teeth and he is in a lot of discomfort and pain.  We can keep removing teeth and put him on a liquid diet, but this is a pony who lives to eat.  He’s dropped a lot of weight in the last three months and he has a 'waistline' for the first time in his life!  Poor Parsley is suffering and the kindest thing is to let him go when we move.  He will go onto  Equimmune Plus to help support him as well as having some pain relief whilst he spends a last few weeks with his herd pals being spoiled rotten.  It isn’t the first time I’ve had to make such a hard decision, nor will it be the last, however, I totally believe that you have to do what’s right for them.  My friend bid against a butcher for him and some other foals so he's had 23 years that he wouldn't otherwise have had, as well as a happy life with me.  Better for him to go before he really starts to suffer.  Sorry this is such a sad blog but when you have horses you have to accept that sometimes you have the hard times as well as the happy ones.  Parsley will have his favourite Hilton Herballs every day now along with carrots, apples and anything else he wants.  He’s been the best ponio a girl could ever wish for."