It’s that time of year again!!  Desperately trying to get out to ride but the mornings and evenings are not light enough to do it before and after work, and at weekends it seems to be horizontal rain or sheet ice – not to mention a lost shoe just when everything else worked out! As Raf and Raz have been lightly worked through the winter it isn’t a massive problem to miss a few short rides here and there, and they’re pretty well behaved after a short lay off.  Raf’s mane is starting to grow back really well after being hogged last season and I will be ordering some Bye Bye Itch soon to make sure that it stays that way!

It’s also mud season.  The Arabs and Dartmoor pony are fine but our TB managed to cut his pastern and get an infection.  After the vet did his work it was up to me to look after him, washing his leg twice a day in high horse medicated shampoo before drying it well and treating with Phytobalm.  He’s back out in the field now will no ill effects.  The mud defender is doing its job as well as it can in the badly poached area by the gate and the fields aren’t too bad further up.  Roll on Spring!