(Many apologies to Julie from us at Hilton Herbs for not posting this earlier!!)


"Well I can’t believe that we are halfway through December already!.  Last season seems so long ago, the next one far away, and the horses are still out full time and fluffy as fluffy can be! The disused railway line is free draining and although there’s a bit of surface mud it isn’t more than hoof deep so no worries about mud fever here.  They have a big bale of haylage so can keep warm munching on that ad lib.  The bacterial digestion in their caecum acts like a central heating system, so even though we might feel cold going to check and feed them, they’re always toasty warm.  The railway needs its winter rest now so the boys are coming up to the house where they can be stabled overnight and go out in the day in the paddock there.  Plenty of grass on that as its been rested all summer, but it gets muddy…..  So I’m getting the Mud Defender ready to make sure that we don’t have problems with mud fever this year.

As soon as January comes we will start training properly again.  The boys have been in very light work as otherwise I would need a parachute getting back on my diva after 3 months! They’re looking and feeling well and the Thrive and Shine is certainly helping that happen.  Raf’s hogged mane in now growing out and he’s starting to look like a punk rocker!  He will be getting treated with Bye Bye Itch as soon as he comes in as he’s a devil for rubbing his mane out on the stable door.  He’s so naughty but I love him to bits!


Hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and New Year!