Another endurance season over.

Raf at the Maryland pleasure ride

"Well we’re just over a month on from the Home Internationals at Red Dragon and the boys have been on holiday.  They only had three weeks or so before a final pleasure ride of 20 miles to ‘warm them down' for winter. They’re now being ridden for a pootle in the forest or lanes a couple of times a week which is to keep their heads fresh without putting too much strain on their bodies.  They live out with the rest of the herd on ½ mile of disused railway line that has paddocks, trees, a bit of scrub land and the river for water.  I like the horses to live in as natural an environment as possible so they will come up to the house for winter and be stabled at night if the weather is bad, but otherwise they will live out well-rugged up.  This keeps a good level of fitness ready for training after Christmas and keeps their brains in gear too!  500kg of over-fresh Arabian is not my idea of fun on a winter’s hack! Although their feeds are reduced they still have their daily dose of Hilton Herbs’ Thrive and Shine.  The Phytobalm has been in evidence too as Raf managed to cut his leg a little – no doubt from larking around with his pals…..  Hope that the winter doesn’t throw too much as us weather-wise this year although we’ve already had snow……"

Raf having his feed on the 'railway line'