Julie Abbott is Hilton Herbs' Brand Ambassador for, amongst others, the Plus range of competition-legal feed supplements.

"Well, Edith and I had a lovely training ride at Govilon on Sunday.  The weather was lovely, if a little humid and the going good.  It was a hard ride up over the mountain and was great for getting the boys fit for their next two rides – which are hilly Welsh ones!  We did it in just under 8kph, which was the fastest all day!  Edith won the Pony Club endurance competition on Razil so a great end to the day for her.  Endurance is such a lovely, friendly sport that is open to anyone, if your horse can do a fun ride he or she can do an endurance pleasure ride.  So many people are worried about trying it and when they do are hooked!  Edith and I included!

Cuddles for Raf

The boys were of course pampered after the ride and when we got them home, with cuddles, a good feed (including Hilton Herbs' Thrive and Shine), and of course a massage with Muscle Magic and TLC Lotion.  I swear by these products for them.  A couple of days off then back to it ready to tackle the hills at Pen Ddol Y Gader, venue for the Welsh Championships, at the end of the month……."

Edith & Razil