Another ride under their belts!

"Well this season hasn’t gone exactly to plan but we did make it to Endurance GB's Cirencester.  It was Edith’s first ride on Razil  (my ‘old’ horse and her new one!) in the 30kms Novice and I did the 40kms Open on Raf.  As it was hot we washed their manes and tails beforehand with Hilton Herbs’ Medicated shampoo as it does a great job and also helps to keep the flies away.  Not that the boys were impressed………with their baths!

We got to Cirencester on a warm muggy morning with rock hard ground but the boys vetted through OK and both stormed round the course.  Raf wasted time with his 'diva' antics but was good and strong all the way.  Razil remembered his job and gave Edith a textbook ride to get a Grade 1 and Raf got a Grade 2 which I was thrilled with.  Because of the ground we used TLC Lotion on their legs and Muscle Magic on their quarters straight after vetting and again for the next couple of days.  Edith took Raz for a bareback pootle after five days and I long-reined Raf.  Both boys have recovered really well and are back in training this weekend for the next one."