"It is really great being sponsored by Hilton Herbs as I have been a long term fan of herbs after my first horse dragged home a willow branch whilst out hacking and proceeded to strip the bark from it.  I found out later that it is salix alba and the originator of aspirin.  He must have had a need for pain relief or similar at some level and was self-medicating.

White willow - salix alba

I have over the years watched my horses and what they graze and have been lucky enough to have pastures full of mixed herbage rather than just a grass ley. As they can’t roam as freely as they would in the wild our horses need help with the balance of natural nutrients and in the past have dried my own herbs for winter, based on what they ate in the summer.  This isn’t as scientific and well-researched as buying from Hilton Herbs for specific issues but made me feel I was helping my horses – even though my house was festooned in every room with drying nettles, clover, cleavers and other assorted wild flowers!

 I was careful only to pick what they chose themselves so that I didn’t include anything poisonous but these days it isn’t so easy to do this and also with the banned substance list not the best idea…. and I have given up on sharing my house with drying bunches of greenery – because there was a LOT of it just to get enough for one horse over winter!  I switched to Hilton Herbs after seeing them at the Royal Show many years ago as they don’t use ‘fillers’ – it is pure natural herbs only.  We forget that food is the first medicine and so I’m thrilled to be able to give my horses the best chance through having supplements that I believe in.

Rosehips - an ingredient in the Hoof & Health