"Well, training isn’t going quite as well as I would have liked.  Raf was a little unlevel a few days ago and a splint that he threw at the end of last season suddenly enlarged.  I have rested him and twice a day I massaged TLC Lotion into his cannons before putting his magnetic boots on for a few hours.  I also gave him a daily massage over his quarters with Muscle Magic – just to keep everything free and supple whilst he is resting.

He lives out with the herd on half a mile of disused railway line next to the river.  They have plenty of places to graze and play and just generally be horses.  The splint has gone down and he trotted up sound yesterday, so his training starts slowly again today.  The rock-hard ground isn’t helping matters but now we’ve had a few rainy days we should be getting back to normal - apart from them being back in rugs!  Luckily Raf has fabulous feet so has kept his shoes on through all of this.  Our thoroughbreds are not so lucky with their feet and I’ve started feeding Hoof and Health to help them.  I love the ‘seaweedy’ smell when you open the bag and as I’ve been a long-term fan of seaweed it is now my favourite supplement for them all!  So along with the Thrive and Shine I think we have a perfect overall health regime for them.

In addition my darling diva has been back on Calm & Collected Plus for a month now and I can’t believe the difference.  He is so chilled but forward going and his personality is still there - just no silliness.  Next test tomorrow when I compete at Trawscoed, my first event since Cheshire Forest where he was rather full of himself for the first 10kms or so……  For sure he is staying on it now!!"