Today is 'Bring your dog to work day'! Here at the Hilton Herbs HQ, for some dogs, this is everyday but unfortunately we are unable to bring all of the dogs in today. So as we can't get a group picture of all the Hilton Herbs dogs at work we thought we'd share some images and information of our 4-legged furry friends!


Pippin & Daisy - Nick

Pippin is a 4-year-old Jack Russell bitch who lives with Daisy her 5-year-old Pug “sister”. They are both owned by our Warehouse Manager, Nick, and their favourite toy is a tennis ball.

Pippin and Daisy

Vesper - Hilary & Tony

Vesper, who was named after the famous cocktail created by James Bond in Casino Royale, is an almost 2-year-old (it’s her birthday next week!!) Dobermann bitch who lives onsite with Hilton Herbs’ owners, Hilary and Tony. Her favourite toy is a ball & her best trick is burying bones! Vesper is fed a raw diet with the addition of Hilton Herbs Seaweed & Rosehip supplement.


Above left, Vesper on the despatch scales. Above right, Vesper helping cut the wood

Olive - Heather

Olive is a 5-year-old greyhound bitch who is owned by Hilton Herbs’ Marketing Manager, Heather. Olive came to Heather and her husband from the Greyhound Trust, Honiton, Devon, on Easter Monday 2019 and she is the second greyhound they have rehomed. She has settled in well and enjoys her toys even though they are pre-loved!  She loves her bed and her food.  She is very good in the car and in her crate at work and has even been off the lead a bit in an enclosed area.  Her recall is not bad providing she’s not too distracted! Olive has Hilton Herbs Mobility Support, Seaweed & Rosehip, and Garlic Oil Pearls and is fed a natural diet of raw meat, cooked rice, raw vegetables and a mixer biscuit.

Above, Olive

Stan - Edeline

Stan is a German Shepherd Dog X Malinois and is just over 2-years-old. He is owned by Hilton Herbs’ French Business Development manager, Edeline and her partner Jamie. Stan spends his day at the home office, often under the desk – although he much prefers it when the office is outdoors on a sunny day so he can roll on the lawn and chase bees!


Above left, Stan sleeping on the job! Above right, Stan working in his outdoor office.

Stan’s favourite treat is raw carrots which he loves to quietly enjoy on his bed in the evening!

Above, Stan with carrot

Lillie - Lauren

Lillie is an almost 2-year-old, Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel x Poodle) bitch who is owned by Hilton Herbs’ Marketing Assistant, Lauren. Her favourite toy is her little bear and her best trick is ‘spin’. She is fed Hilton Herbs Seaweed & Rosehip which helps keep her blonde luscious locks in top condition.

Image of Lillie with her favourite bear