Simply Pets Food

Based in Inverness, owner Claire Wylie, has just recently expanded her existing pet shop by opening a new one next door and will start stocking our Canine and Feline products!

Simply Pets are an independent family run small business, who care about all animals. With four members of staff, Claire Wylie, the shop owner, Janette Sutherland who has be there since CIaire became the new owner of Simply Pets in January 2015. They also have four shop dogs, Rascal an 11 years old Labrador Collie cross. Trouble, a 4 years old Black Labrador,  Dexter an 8 year old Doberman and Shadow, the 2 year old Husky. They now have the African Grey, Harry as a shop Parrot as well. They have no full time shop pets, so depending on which day you decide to come and see them, depends on what pet you will meet.