Nettle – Urtica Dioica


Common name: Stinging Nettle

Habitat: Throughout the world on waste ground, hedgerows or anywhere where the earth is disturbed.

Part used: Aerial parts.

Actions of Nettle: Diuretic, astringent, haemostatic, circulatory stimulant.

Nettles are a rich source of vitamin C, iron, sodium, chlorophyll, protein and dietary fibre. This makes them ideal for use as a spring tonic and general blood cleanser and conditioner. Excellent for anaemia, because of their high iron and vitamin C content, which ensures that the iron is absorbed efficiently by the body. Nettles will stimulate the circulation, which makes them ideal for conditions such as laminitis, rheumatism and arthritis.

When Nettles are fed internally, they encourage ‘dappling’ on a horse’s coat. The easiest way to feed Nettles when they are growing freely is to cut them, leave them to wilt in the sun to allow the ‘sting’ to go out of them, then cut them up and add to the horse’s feed, or simply throw the wilted nettles into the horse’s paddock to graze on. Remember, nettles are a blood tonic, and some horse owners may find that they have the action of livening up their horse!

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