After sixteen years working on the Helpline here at Hilton Herbs, I am off to pastures new in Shropshire with hubby, John and bundle of joy, Maddy.  I have so enjoyed my time here, made some wonderful friends, both colleagues and customers alike.  I have learnt a great deal about herbs and how they can help and shall miss all the interesting emails and chats.

When I first started, the website had only just been launched and most orders were taken over the phone.  Today, most use the website to place orders, but this does mean more time to chat and hopefully give good advice.  I do have a few rules though when it comes replying to emails:

Firstly, always give as much advice as you can, in fact I am well known for my information sheets.

Secondly, always cheek you're speeling and gramma for errors B4 seending.

Finally, if you cut and paste, never, never press send without thoroughly checking it.  Many years ago I cut and pasted an email reply to a customer and forgot to change the Christian name.  I immediately sent another apologizing for my error and the Greek gentleman took it in very good humor, replying "don't worry my dear, my name Sdrolias is unusual even in Greece, but I can tell you this, no one has ever called me Gloria before !!!!"   I have kept a copy of that email to this day and it always makes me smile.

So it is with a little sadness that I say "farewell" and thanks to everyone who has made my job so enjoyable and for supporting Hilton Herbs.  My colleagues are a great bunch, work really hard, but have a fantastic sense of humor too and feed me chocolate!  Jane Smart (Maddy getting excited about her new third of an acre garden !)