The Pink Bale Wrap Campaign


Hilary & Tony Self, Owners and Directors of Hilton Herbs have 'turned their fields pink' to raise awareness of breast cancer and raise money for Cancer Research UK. They purchased the limited edition pink charity bale wrap from Frome Mole Valley Farmers  who donate a percentage of the sales to this brilliant charity.


Picture above: H & T go pink in the sun!


We are a very small farm and will only wrap around 120 large Bales of Haylage that will be used to feed our Horses, Cattle and Sheep this Winter. Even so this will result in a donation of over £30.00 to Cancer Research UK.

John Ovenell of Mole Valley Farmers' says:

“Pink silage bales scattered across the British countryside will be a massive advertising campaign for Cancer Research UK. It’s a great opportunity for [farmers in the countryside] to do something to raise awareness of a significant illness that affects so many people,”


Picture above: In the process of being cut


Hilary & Tony were obviously very keen to take part in such a campaign which helps to research an illness that affects so many people. They both agree that:

"the pink bale wrap makes [their] fields pop with colour and you certainly wouldn't miss them if you were driving past- which is great because like John mentions, it's unique advertising for the charity"


Picture above: The pink wrapped bales in one of the fields.                         Picture above: Vesper helping out with the wrapping of the          bales... pink is definitely her colour!