Invoices - apology to our customers


Firstly please accept our apology.


Some of you may have already recieved an email from us with an invoice attached, detailing previous orders you have placed with us.  You are probably asking why have you recieved this? is this a spam/scam email?


Our website providers are currently working on updating our email order confirmation and invoice system. Unfortunately we are experiencing some technical difficulties, and as a result, invoices are being sent out to customers for orders that they have placed in the past.


Please be reassured that the email containing the invoice is from Hilton Herbs and is not a spam/scam email. You have not been charged for anything and no items will be sent to you. We apologise for any confusion, panic or worry this has caused to any of our customers.


Our website providers are working on this issue and are trying to stop further invoices from being sent out but if you do recieve any more, please ignore them and once again accept our sincere apologies.


Kind regards,

Hilton Herbs