It has been a while since we've had news from our LegUpForTalent sponsored rider, Sophie Spiteri, so we thought we'd give you all an update!

" So, it’s been a while since I last checked in with all at Hilton Herbs. My last update was just after the loss of Gully and everything seemed a bit bleak. I’m pleased to say that things are looking a bit brighter this side of the New Year and I have lots to look forward to over the next twelve months.

Silmi, my 14-year-old naughty grey Thoroughbred is proving to a be a very talented little all-rounder. His 15.2hh body is looking better than ever before (with the help of the blue shampoo from you guys at Hilton Herbs!) and he feels fantastic to ride. He won a dressage competition last weekend and is currently leading our local winter show-jumping league. I’m hoping he can hang onto the title until March, when the winners will be announced. I have also recently started him on Multiflex Gold from Hilton Herbs and seems to have had a new lease of life (to the point of feeling the need to show his tummy muscles off at any given opportunity).

Silmi was a consistently good racehorse throughout his successful career and he has more air miles than me, spending six months racing in Dubai as a flat horse in his younger days. He is such a character and i love having him around, I feel like he has carried me through some tough weeks after losing my beloved Gulliver. He always has his ears pricked and thoroughly enjoys his work. He also enjoys being the class clown and testing out any new rider that jumps aboard. He was much-loved by his trainer who keeps in regular contact and she will be coming to see him at Retraining of Racehorses camp later in the year. We are entered for an one day event in Bristol on the 13th of February so I’m just in the process of tuning him up for his first event of the season. From there I will decide about where we run him for his first BE event in March. I would really like to get him over a novice course by the end of the season so watch this space!

Bandit Country – the newer gelding I spoke briefly about last month is coming on nicely. He had dropped a huge amount of condition after being turned out last summer for various reasons, so I’ve been working him gently to help him build back up over the winter. He is a real mover and is showing a good jump with huge scope. I hope to get him out to some local dressage over the coming weeks and start educating him about the world outside of racing. If he show’s a good attitude towards eventing, then I would imagine he will stay with me to compete this year.



River has found himself a lovely long-term home in Ireland and will be arriving at his new home later on today.  I look forward to following his progress over coming months. He is going to be spoiled rotten with a lovely lady who used to event at a high level, who is now looking for something to enjoy some RC shows on.

Dennis is busy keeping a close eye on everyone at home. He had the very important role of keeping Frankie company at his first event on Saturday. Both Dennis and Frankie were put through their paces at a Le Trec morning at our local equestrian centre. I think it’s nice for the horses to head out on the lorry and do something other than dressage and show jumping sometimes.

Sadly, I do feel that Frankie is just going to be too small for me to event due to his lack of bone and body. So, at some point over the coming months we will find him a long term home where he can be enjoyed by a slightly more slim lined version of myself!

I have been offered the ride on a fantastic event horse for this season with the potential option to buy him later in the year if things work out. I can’t say too much about this at present so more on this next month! "