Some rather sad news from our LegUpForTalent sponsored rider Sohpie Spiteri:

"I had to have my beautiful boy, Gully,  put down on Friday. I'm absolutely devastated by it.

After tripping badly with me in the school two weeks ago he damaged a tendon so we took him to the local equine hospital for a scan. After a full investigation, and set of X-rays, we found his neck was absolutely riddled with arthritis and bony growths that are likely to have formed when he was over-fed as a foal by the breeder. It's likely that he was predisposed to taking on this condition from his mother. These growths were crushing his spinal cord and causing him to trip and stumble more and more regularly (I had always put it down to him being such a big baby, but it seems there was more going on than we ever knew.) 

After a neurological assessment he was diagnosed with grade 2 Wobblers and his ridden career was totally written off, his chances of a rotational fall were increased by 90%, and he had a less than 5% chance of ever improving. I spent the next two weeks speaking to every specialist in the country but everyone suggested the same thing. It's with a heavy heart that that I'm letting you know he is no more. It’s been a massive shock and has been a terrible few weeks. 

Silmi has been busy keeping my spirits up and has won or come 2nd in everything he has been entered in over the last month, so I will look forward to eventing him next season with the hope of qualifying him for Novice or 1* by the end of the season. We have a BE regional qualifier for arena eventing this Sunday, so I will let you know how we get on.

I have a new TB that came in 4 weeks ago after a summer at grass. He is currently looking a bit poor but I know that the Thrive and Shine will do the trick and he will be looking great in no time. The trainer is convinced he will make a classy event horse. He is only six years old so has a bright future ahead of him.

I also have the 3-year-old by Frankel here who is showing great promise and has won several in hand classes now. I hope to start some ridden work with him over the Christmas holidays.”