In this blog Lauran Wheaton tells us of the success her two Dalmatians, Blake a 5-year-old and Chaucer a 15-month-old, found with our Canine Tranquility Gold product.


" Blake is my five-year-old and Chaucer is my 15-month-old Dalmatians. They are both entirely male because as I show them, they cannot be castrated. When Chaucer first moved in, Blake adored him because he was great fun to play with. However, as they both got older, Chaucer still wanted play but Blake didn’t think it was quite as fun anymore. Hormones and competition for resources were becoming a bit of an issue. A lot of the time everything was fine but occasionally Blake would try to bully Chaucer. When he was a youngster Chaucer would just submit to it but the older he got, the more he didn’t want to just give in. Things were becoming a bit tense, especially if they both wanted the same toy or to sit in the same seat... it was a race to get there first and whoever lost would get grumpy. 

They’ve never had a full fight, but I was worried that one day they might. So, I thought I would try and see if there was anything I could do, I really couldn’t bear to live with having my dogs separate. So, I tried a few different herbal remedies which didn’t make any difference. That’s when I contacted Hilton Herbs and a very helpful lady called Jane recommended their Tranquility Gold

After two weeks of adding this formula to their meals, everything seemed to calm down. They had gone from avoiding touching each other, to cuddling together in the crate, on the sofa and even actively choosing to lie next to each other on the floor. They play tug of war without getting jealous, they run around in the garden playing chase, they even swap bowls when eating. 

I was so impressed that I started giving the Gold to my other dog Indi, a three-year-old Rottweiler, as she gets a bit stressed sometimes. Now all three dogs have Tranquility Gold and they all seem happier and more content at home. Making life so much more relaxed for all of us. 

They’re still a bunch of hooligans but I know that it’s nothing to do with being anxious or stressed, that’s just a part of their personalities and I wouldn’t have them any other way. " -Lauran Wheaton, owner