"I’ve been using Hilton Herbs supplements now for nearly six months now and the difference in my horses since I started using the products is amazing. 

Jakarta van de Hunters is my 7 year old bay gelding that is currently jumping 1m30+ on the International circuit. He has sensitive skin so I have been using the Medicated shampoo on him for a while now and the improvement in his coat is amazing! I have had people stop and ask me what I’m feeding him and how I get him looking so well. As the Medicated shampoo is free from parabens it doesn’t irritate even the most sensitive of skin so is ideal for itchy/sensitive skinned horses. The shampoo is pretty concentrated so you only need to use a small amount each time making it a cost-effective way to keep my horses clean during show season.

Irina van’t Huka is a 9 year old black mare jumping 1m35+ and is on the Calm & Collected Plus and it’s made a massive difference to her. She is a typical hot-headed mare but has exceptional talent but I’ve struggled to keep her concentration at events long enough for her to complete a good round. Since being on the Calm & Collected Plus she has won 4 National 1.30 classes and qualified for the 1.30m & 1.40m classes for Stoneleigh National Show. Calm & Collected Plus has allowed me to keep her concentration without taking away the competitive edge that she has.

I would highly recommend this product whenever your horse or pony needs to remain focussed & responsive during training or competing. It has been independently tested free from common feed contaminants (FCS) and current naturally occurring herbal prohibited substances making it legal under FEI rules as they stand at present.

De la roche Land Girl is a 7 year old mare.  Lilly is your typical grey and loves to roll in mud and her muck!! She is always dirty before we leave for a show and it takes forever to get her clean. This problem is past history for me now thanks to Hilton Herbs High Horse Blue Shampoo. It is so easy with this product, all you have to do is put a small amount on your sponge and rub gently on the parts where there is muck and it comes off so easily!!. I have tried numerous products and they always seem to leave a light green patch that always looks so horrible on a grey horse, whereas the Blue shampoo leaves it gleaming white

The product that has worked amazingly well for me is the Hilton Herbs Bye-bye itch supplement and lotion.  My 6 year old mare had no mane this time last year and I tried loads of products and nothing stopped her itching her mane and top of her tail. This year after using the Bye Bye Itch lotion she has full mane and a full tail. We apply it twice a day to her mane and tail and then massage in well.

These products are the best around, they are cost-effective and really easy to use.  I saw a massive difference in my horses after using their products! Look after your horse and your horse will look after you!"