I brought Dennis at our local horse sale last month because Gulliver (Gully) my 18hh thoroughbred is useless at being on his own in the barn.  Although he is perfectly happy to hack out, compete, and school on his own, he has real anxiety issues when left in the barn alone. I brought Dennis as a companion to Gully in the hope he would settle and the plan has worked and Gully is more relaxed than ever before.

When I went to the sale I’d seen the sale catalogue the week before, so knew there were a few Shetlands entered in the sale.  His description just said 'aged' Shetland, so we knew he was in his older years but didn't have any more information than that. He went through the ring for the grand sum of 30 guineas and it was only me and the ‘meat man’ bidding we won the bid and took him home. I've since had his teeth checked and it looks as though he is about 20 years old - not that you'd know it as he is full of life and bounces around like he’s a four year old!

Dennis has been keeping Gully company at shows and at home. He comes every- where on the lorry with us and shares a barn with Gully at night. I often find the pair of them asleep together.

My grandad is in the residential home in our local town of Newcastle Emlyn. I visit him most days and work as a relief care worker there when they are short-staffed. We took a friend’s pony in at Christmas and the residents loved it so we decided to take Dennis in and see how he took to it. Everyone loved him and he thrived on all the attention. We even took him up in the lift to see some of the residents upstairs in the nursing home and to see their faces light up was absolutely fantastic. Mum is in the process of making him a “pat pony” uniform and we hope to make it a regular thing.