“Dear Helpline, my Goat is ‘hormonal’, can you help?”

Many of you will be aware that Hilton Herbs produce supplements for horses, dogs and cats, as well as birds and poultry.  However many of these supplements can also be given to other species and, working on the Helpline, I sometimes get asked some pretty unusual questions.

I have one customer who gives our dried equine Easy Mare to her rather hormonal goat.  The amount she is given is reduced from that which you would give a horse, but the herbs certainly help to keep this ‘nanny’ on an even keel and, as the owner says, “she’s less destructive!”

Many sheep have also benefited from our various supplements, with the most popular being our MultiFlex range.  Owners recount that their vets are not often used to treating ‘aged’ sheep and are more than happy that their clients can find traditional ways of supporting a variety of mobility issues as sheep get older.

Alpacas are another species which can benefit from our herbs.  On the whole this tends to be our equine GastriX as they often have delicate digestive systems and owners obviously pass this information on to their alpaca-keeping friends!

Another herb that has benefited young male alpacas is Vitex Agnus Castus Tincture (aka Monks Pepper or Chasteberry).  Traditionally used to help lower libido in the monasteries in the Middle Ages, what’s good enough for the monks should be good enough for alpacas!  I shouldn’t leave out our bovine friends, as with the male alpacas, one customer used our Vitex on his young show bull when things got a little ‘fruity’ in the ring and other cattle owners have given our fast-acting equine Releaf Gold, as required, for mobility support.

The largest animal we have as a customer is an elephant who gets washed in our Medicated Shampoo, one hopes they have a scrubbing brush on a long pole!

The most recent addition is a guinea pig who has Cushing’s disease.  The owner’s homeopathic vet chatted to our herbalist, Hilary Self Bsc MNIMH, and it was suggested that our Canine Cush X be administered on her cucumber slices!  We’ll let you know how the guinea pig does.

This might be a good moment to mention that not only can horses and ponies enjoy our many equine supplements, but donkeys can too.  Again, I have many owners whose donkeys are regularly given our herbs including Equimmune and Senior Horse (or should that be re-named Senior Donkey!).  If you own a donkey and think we might be able to help, do contact the Helpline.

Until my next Blog, I’ll leave you with a little gift seen on my recent Austrian hols, enjoy ….