Peel Park Primary School, in Accrington, Cheshire, is the very first school in England to have its own pigeon loft, which was set up in 2008. The pigeon loft was the brain-child of Terry Slattery, Peel Park's resident ‘lollipop man', himself a pigeon fancier, and it started when Terry bought one of his winning racing pigeons to school for the children to see. The Peel Park pigeons are used as a teaching aid in maths, science, and other lessons across the curriculum.

Peel Park is very proud to have been given one of the Queen's cock pigeons, in her capacity as patron of the The Royal Pigeon Racing Association, to use in their loft. They have also started racing their pigeons and recently one of their birds came 3rd, in a One-Loft Race of 176 miles, winning a £5,000 prize for the school.

The Peel Park pigeons have attracted a lot of attention and they, and the children involved in the project, have been featured on the BBC's Breakfast TV. They have also been visited and interviewed by the team from the BBC's regional North-West Tonight, as well as Radio Lancashire.

Hilton Herbs became involved with Peel Park when we took a stand at the British Homing World "Show of the Year", at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool, in January of this year. Manning the stand was Martin Brooks, who, in his spare time is our Production & Export Manager and ‘de-facto' pigeon expert. He was aided and abetted by top pigeon fancier Mike Staddon, who lives locally to Hilton Herbs and has extensively trialled our pigeon products.

Whilst at the show Martin met Terry Slattery who, at the time, had just started to work on the Peel Park loft project for the school. We subsequently supplied Terry with one each of our special ‘Mike Staddon' product packs and Terry is absolutely convinced that the success of the Peel Park pigeons can, in part, be attributed to their being supplemented with the Hilton Herbs pigeon products.

Terry Slattery, with one of the Peel Park students, and their winning pigeon