Its the time of the year when, here at Downclose Farm, we're making the most of Nature's bounty - we've been out in the garden collecting Marigold (calendula officinalis) flowers.  This fabulous plant is fun and easy to grow.  The flowers contain both essential oils and pro-vitamin A and calendula is well known for its affinity to epithelial tissue.  It is soothing and healing and is the principal ingredient in a variety of skin creams and ointments.  You can also make a lotion from the flowers for bathing sore, tired, eyes.  Please note that the instructions and method for making Calendula oil can also be used to make Hypericum Oil from the flowers of Hypericum perforatum.



 Making Calendula oil is easy and you can get the kids to help you collect the flowers.

  • collect the flowers on a dry, sunny, day, to make sure there is no dampness left in the flowers as this can cause mould to grow in the oil
  • place a good quantity of flowers into a large glass jar and cover the flowers with Extra Virgin Olive oil, or Sweet Almond Oil
  • stir the flowers to make sure they are well immersed in the oil
  • place the lid on the jar and stand it on a sunny window sill
  • leave the jar in the sun, this can take several days, or even weeks (depending on the weather), until the oil has turned a sunny orange colour
  • strain the oil through muslin or a fine strainer, squeezing the flowers to extract all the oil
  • pour the oil into sterilized bottles and store in a cool, dark, place.

 Marigold - Calendula officinalis

Hilary Self Bsc MNIMH